Rental Prices are based on per Month

Choose The Best Options For Your storage needs

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Climate Controlled Storage

Climate Controlled environment for your storage

At BandM Storage707, we provide acclimated Storage options to ensure clients climate controlled spaces to store all of their most valuable items. These are priced as follows per month:

5'x5' $55.00

5'x10' $80.00

10'x10 $120.00

10'x15' $170.00 *

10'x20' $210.00 *

10'x30' $300.00 *

*Denotes lights and access to plugs


Personal Storage

Get Rid of That Clutter

BandM Storage was established with all your storage needs. We offer affordable options that are priced

per month:

5'x5'       $55.00

5'x10'     $65.00

10'x10'   $80.00

10'x15'   $110.00

10'x20'   $130.00

15'x20'   $185.00

15'x30'   $260.00